The Student Affairs Office seeks to be a proactive, student accessible unit which enables student enrichment and holistic development through the provision of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, services, and opportunities relevant to their needs and in line with the GSC Vision and Mission to produce competent, compassionate, and committed graduates.

The following SAO units carry out the different student services:

Student Counseling Unit

The Student Counseling Unit (SCU) is responsible for guiding  the student to make intelligent career decision and for making personal and social adjustments. It is also responsive for intensive counseling of student who have complex adjustments and academic problems.

Student Welfare Unit

The Student Welfare Unit (SWU) caters to the needs of students to be globally competitive and productive members of the society. It provides academic and career development support, scholarship opportunities, financial assistance as well as accommodation services.

Student Development Unit

Student Development Unit (SDU) conceptualizes and implements extra-curricular activities that will supplement academic learning and focus on the wise use of leisure time, personality development as well as social and cultural development of students.

Student Discipline Unit

In line with our mission statement and objectives, the Student Discipline Unit (SDU) is   created to infuse human and Christian Discipline to all students; help in the maintenance of a well-organized classroom setting conducive to effective learning process; and contribute to the over-all well-being of student in the campus.