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GSC Benchmarks Claret's Best Practices

Scientia maxime cum virtute (knowledge is best with virtue). This is the motto of the Claret School of Quezon City.
Last October 10, 2013, selected employees of Good Samaritan Colleges visited the Claret School of Quezon City and benchmarked the school�s best practices. Those who were able to visit Claret are Prof. Bonifacio C. Tago Jr., VP for Academic Programs, Prof. Richard M. Valencia, Director of the Student Affairs Office, Mr. Rollyper Zate, ICT Coordinator, Mr. Arjay Ramos, Assistant to the SAO Director, Ms. Mary Joyce R. Hipolito, CAS Faculty, Ms. Jennifer Martinez and Ms. Ruth Gonzales, Guidance Coordinators, and Mr. Noliver Garcia, K-12 Coordinator.
Claret School of Quezon City is an exclusive school for boys. With the help of Mrs. Edna Manlapig, High School Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, the team discovered new methods and practices that will develop and enhance Samaritano culture and environment.
Student activities were first discussed. The Grade 7 students attend a �Class Night�, Grade 8 have a �Batch Night� which is held inside the school premises. When the students reach 3rd Year, they will go out and experience their �Junior Prom�. They will meet girls from other schools and be more familiar with a larger community. During their 4th Year, they will have their �Graduation Ball�. This event is usually held in a hotel for the students to be more exposed and more prepared to face the �real world� when they graduate.
Active participation of PTA Officers and Student Council were evident in programs and activities. They are the ones who conduct their own activity as well as the organizations that regularly meet at least once a week.
In CSQC, Guidance Office is called �Student Development Center� to negate the impression of students when they hear the word �guidance.� A guidance counselor is assigned per year level with whom the students meet up during their group guidance activities, individual and group counseling sessions, psychological testing, case assessment, and other follow-up activities. The counselor coordinates closely with the advisers and special teachers on matters that concern the development of the students� full potentials.
A Claretian will be subjected to disciplinary action when found guilty of misconduct, not only within the school premises but also outside the school if such misconduct involves his status as a student or affect the good name of the school.