Blue Cradle believes in the Progressive Education Philosophy. Children learn best when they are able to experience those activities directed to them The school also believes that children achieve higher learning when they like what they are doing. The school values and prioritizes children’s interest, honing them to become better citizens of our country.


  • Playschool Program
    Blue Cradle Preschool aims to provide quality education and encourage young children to be in school. Blue Cradle Preschool also aims to help young children prepare for school. Progressive approach will support your children development holistically.

  • After School Program
    School is done, and the children have noting else to do but to wait for their parent at home or worst in their offices. This is why Blue Cradle Daycare Center (BCDC) has established the After School Program where its objectives are to encourage your children explore their innate and hidden talents. So why bore your child at home doing nothing or watching TV all day long, when you can enroll them in BCDC’s After School Program where they can enjoy waiting learning.

  • Drop In Program
    Blue Cradle Daycare Center will provide quality care and service for parents who choose the center to care there children. The Objective of the Drop - In Program are to help parents ease their worries about leaving their children at home. Teacher will provide activities that will help children explore their abilities and talents, Also, another objectives of the center is to prepare children especially the young ones to get ready for schooling. Providing security and letting children enjoy Play while Learning are the other objectives of Blue Cradle Daycare Center. 

  • Blue Arrow
    Blue Arrow Tutorial Center is an extension of the After School Program where its main objectives is to help children who need guidance in their academic subjects. The Blue Arroe Tutorial Center caters GSC and Non-GSC students. Enrichment and remedial classes are also being offered.

  • Progressive Curriculum
  • Your child has innate talents and skills that need to be developed with the help of the three E’s : Exploration, Evaluation and Enjoyment!!
  • Your child gets to learn by discovering the things around him with assistance from highly trained Teachers.