Good Samaritan Colleges 49th Commencement Exercises

It was a simple yet solemn and meaningful celebration of fruitful year of compassion and excellence as well as accomplishments and triumphs for the graduating class of 2016. With the theme “Leading in a Globalized Society”, commencement speaker, Mr. Martin Kristopher R. Limgenco II inspired each graduating student to pursue their goals in life despite the trials, failures or any obstacle that one may face along the way. He even gave tips from his personal experience on how to become happily successful in this fast moving world we have today.

Unlike the previous graduation ceremonies where everyone is wearing an academic gown, this year’s graduation became the pilot batch to wear the GSC Banatu for graduation. The Banatu was specifically designed with each detail symbolizing the GSC graduates and their student life.

During her speech, the Dean of College of Education (2016 Commencement Exercises Host), Prof. Jenelyn Gomez stressed that the Banatu is more than just a cloth to be worn during graduation ceremony. “It represents you, the GSC graduates” she said. “If you notice, it is comprised of three colors, and each color represents the different stages and achievements of our students’ lives” She added.

The official colors of the GSC Banatu are Black, Royal Blue and Light Blue. Black represents the students’ past experiences and accomplishments, which they have attained from Kindergarten to High School. Royal Blue symbolizes the contributions that GSC has given in molding the students to become compassionate people, competent professionals and committed leaders in their respective fields. And Lastly, Light Blue signifies leadership.